Gabi Boosts Mobile Connectivity Using Voice

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4 min readMay 6, 2021

Users can drive their Xerox AltaLink® and VersaLink® Multifunction Printer through speech from the palm of their hand using Gabi Worx

FAIRFIELD, NJ., May 6, 2021 — Gabi Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the newest introduction to its Safe, Secure, and Accessible™️ voice-to-command product portfolio, Gabi Worx.

With 77% of today’s workforce spending at least two hours a day on their smartphones, enhancing Gabi’s mobile connectivity through Worx was a no-brainer for the company and its partners, including reIMAGINEit.

“Gabi Worx provides a secure voice control platform for business devices with more accuracy than touch-based systems. It’s fast, accurate, and secure on top of it all.” — Jule Limoli, Partner & Co-Founder of reIMAGINEit

Contrary to its predecessor, Gabi Go, Worx customers can expect a software-only mobile solution eliminating the need for a Gabi smartbox, similar to Voice and Gov, or any physical interaction with the shared office Multifunction Printer (MFP) making it a true, touch-free solution for any workforce.

With Worx, your users can also expect the following:

Voice Capabilities

Users can drive their Xerox AltaLink®​ and/or VersaLink®​ MFP using voice eliminating the risk of transmitting bacteria through physical interaction on shared surfaces while also saving your workforce time by diminishing countless wasted time spent standing in front of the MFP trying to send a prospect that long awaited proposal!

“Security by design is critical as companies reopen with employees continuing to work from home. Gabi Worx fills an unmet need of providing a hybrid workforce with a secure voice interface for office devices that yield greater productivity and accuracy. By using a simple voice command, users can drive complex tasks and simply put, Gabi Worx replaces control panels with a universal remote — the smartphone!” — Luis Diaz, Managing Principal & Co-Founder of Gabi Solutions

Multifactor Authentication

Keeping with the tradition, Gabi Worx will provide its customers with a gold-standard level of security using your smartphone’s Face or Touch ID authentication settings. Your personnel can now authenticate with the MFP or release/delete secure print jobs using a higher level of security as opposed to the traditional, risky swipe cards and/or keypads.

Multilingual Capabilities

If English isn’t your native language, not a problem! Gabi Worx allows its users to select 1 of 13 languages, from Spanish to French or Portuguese and Chinese, transforming our application’s user interface in seconds.

Controlled Environment

Does allowing your workforce access to the network where your MFP fleet is hosted make you nervous? Don’t be! With Gabi Worx, our customers will be provided access to an Admin Panel where your Administrative team can pick and choose which device or devices are available to the user after they’ve downloaded and installed Worx from the Apple App Store or Google Play providing a risk-free scenario to your network.

Gabi Worx will be available Monday, June 7th. Mark your calendars!

If there are any questions, please contact to speak with a live representative.

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Global Artificial Business Intelligence Solutions, Inc. (Gabi) provides a patented, touchless IoT and Information Control Platform that allows workers with and without disabilities to interact with office equipment in a safe, germ-free matter using a voice to command functionalities and mobile standards.

Gabi provides safety, security and accessibility to avoid harming your office environment and employee health. Our customizable platform can be both on-premise or cloud based leveraging state of the art AI and making it cyber-secure by design. We embrace the challenge in making both your workforce and its data safe and secure through all outside threats while enhancing the users’ experience on a daily basis.

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