Gabi Boosts Mobile Connectivity Using Voice

“Gabi Worx provides a secure voice control platform for business devices with more accuracy than touch-based systems. It’s fast, accurate, and secure on top of it all.” — Jule Limoli, Partner & Co-Founder of reIMAGINEit

Voice Capabilities

“Security by design is critical as companies reopen with employees continuing to work from home. Gabi Worx fills an unmet need of providing a hybrid workforce with a secure voice interface for office devices that yield greater productivity and accuracy. By using a simple voice command, users can drive complex tasks and simply put, Gabi Worx replaces control panels with a universal remote — the smartphone!” — Luis Diaz, Managing Principal & Co-Founder of Gabi Solutions

Multifactor Authentication

Multilingual Capabilities

Controlled Environment

About Us

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Global Artificial Business Intelligence

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Gabi Solutions

Gabi Solutions

Global Artificial Business Intelligence

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