Gabi Solutions, Inc. Wins Patent for Secure Voice System

Gabi Solutions
2 min readMay 28, 2019

May 24, 2019 — Users in Government and Enterprise can Control IoT and Information Using Voice with no Eavesdropping or Password

Fairfield, NJ — After years of research and development, Gabi Solutions, Inc. has obtained issuance of its seminal patent that allows Government and Enterprise workers in their offices to access and control office devices, IoT and Information with their voice alone.

On top of Gabi already being 508(c) compliant, this victory greatly enhances accessibility and efficiency on a day to day basis.

The platform is both customizable and fully extendable to support unique applications. It’s as simple as 1–2–3 with the user walking up to his or her device or launching the Gabi Go mobile solution, vocalize your command and get your result(s).

“Gabi has long believed that safe and secure voice systems provide a strong competitive advantage over conventional Voice-over-Internet protocol systems and is already negotiating contracts for the use of its secure voice system to solve the voice data security challenges of State and Federal government organizations.” —said Luis J. Diaz, Gabi Managing Principal and Co-Founder.

Gabi now offers several voice products with Secret and Top Secret Level Security Support via a non-exclusive, worldwide agreement with Xerox Corporation.

This is yet another stepping stone for Gabi Solutions.

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