“Hey Gabi, Set Volume to 100%”

The latest Gabi Smartbox available for all Voice and Gov customers.

“The beauty of Gabi’s accuracy stems from her patented technology built on white listed commands.

With volume adjustments now supported, we’re able to double down and ensure our users have a flawless experience no matter the surroundings.”

— Bruno Silva, CMO with Gabi Solutions

To start using the new command, users will need to ensure their Gov unit is running on v1.1.0. For customers of our cloud based solution, Gabi Voice, users can expect the new command to be released some time in Q2 2021.

About Us

Global Artificial Business Intelligence Solutions, Inc. (Gabi) provides a patented, touchless IoT and Information Control Platform that allows workers with and without disabilities to interact with office equipment in a safe, germ-free matter using a voice to command functionalities and mobile standards.



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Gabi Solutions

Gabi Solutions

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