“Hey Gabi, Set Volume to 100%”

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2 min readFeb 2, 2021


Customers of our on-premise solution, Gabi Gov, will be able to adjust their device’s audio output volume through a new voice command.

The latest Gabi Smartbox available for all Voice and Gov customers.

FAIRFIELD, NJ., February 2, 2021 — A frequently asked question Gabi Solutions has encountered is, “How does Gabi interact with our employees in a loud office environment?

In the latest software update for Gabi Gov, our customers will will be able to adjust their Gabi device’s output audio volume through a simple voice command, resolving any concern regarding the user experience when interacting with Gabi in a noisy workplace, such as a sales pit or warehouse.

Check out the video below for a brief tutorial on how your user(s) can adjust Gabi’s volume starting with, “Hey Gabi…”

With over one hundred product demonstrations completed in 2020, Gabi Solutions’ Chief Marketing Officer, Bruno Silva, is all too familiar with the concerns new prospects and customers have shared regarding Gabi’s performance with potentially disruptive background noise.

“The beauty of Gabi’s accuracy stems from her patented technology built on white listed commands.

With volume adjustments now supported, we’re able to double down and ensure our users have a flawless experience no matter the surroundings.”

— Bruno Silva, CMO with Gabi Solutions

To start using the new command, users will need to ensure their Gov unit is running on v1.1.0. For customers of our cloud based solution, Gabi Voice, users can expect the new command to be released some time in Q2 2021.

For any questions, please email support@gabisolutions.com to speak with a live representative.

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