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2 min readSep 1, 2020

Gabi Solutions is proud to introduce Smartbox 2.0, its most convenient and secure case yet.

After months of research and development, the latest generation Smartbox will hit the market on September 1st for any of our Gabi Voice and Gabi Gov customers.

Here’s what you could expect with our latest Smartbox:

Convenient by Design

With our previous models, Gabi would arrive at your doorstep made of three separate items; speaker, case and power chord. With the Smartbox 2.0, we’ve compiled the speaker and power supply into the case and in doing so, our clients can now expect our most convenient Gabi Smartbox yet, simplifying both the installation process and its placement on or around the Multifunction Printer.

Enhanced Security

Additionally, the latest Smartbox will include an enhanced level of security from any individual looking to tamper with Gabi’s internal components with the inclusion of a kill switch.

This new feature will trigger if it senses the Smartbox being pried open by either force or undoing the screws from the bottom of the case thus exposing its internal components.


To accompany the latest design, all Gabi products will be shipped in the latest packaging that provides both an immediate and enhanced on-boarding experience with direct access to our Getting Started page giving the user direct access to Command Sheets, User Guides and installation videos.

Being able to immediately access these resources reduces the learning curve while enhancing the user adoption rate from Day 1.

Check out the video below for what to expect when unboxing your Gabi device!

First glimpse of our Smartbox 2.0 and its new packaging.

Questions? Contact our Help Desk at (855) 4-GABI-GO or email to speak with a live representative.

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