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4 min readJul 23, 2020


Gabi Solutions taps re IMAGINE it as an Exclusive Master Reseller for Channel Partners in Print Industry

Fairfield, New Jersey— To meet the historic demand Gabi’s touchless control and IoT platform has encountered, Gabi Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of re IMAGINE it as an Exclusive Master Reseller for Gabi products to all Channel Partners. Founded by former Xerox® Executives, Michael Festa, Jule Limoli and Joel Hackett, re IMAGINE it provides a deep knowledge of Xerox® technology and business relations with Channel Partners in the United States and around the world.

“With re IMAGINE it driving our channel partner strategy and network, we expect to substantially increase sales of both Gabi products and Xerox® multifunction devices.” — John Hand, Co-Founder and CEO of Gabi Solutions

The COVID-19 crisis has created a tremendous need and demand for solutions that allow for a safe return to work. Gabi does exactly this. Gabi is a touchless voice control platform for Xerox® office equipment that minimizes physical contact without slowing you down. Studies show the office environment can contain up to 10–15x more germs and bacteria than a public restroom. Utilizing a touchless solution helps secure the physical safety and health of your workforce.

Jule Limoli, re IMAGINE it founding partner believes, “Our name says it all. We are delighted to work with GABI to help customers Reimagine better ways to utilize Xerox® technology in today’s changing world.”

Gabi is different from consumer-oriented voice solutions. Gabi is the gold standard of security and is designed to keep your corporate and employee data secure with psychical and electronic security. All data processed by Gabi is fully encrypted in transit and at rest. Only approved, white-listed commands may be executed starting with the local hot word, “Hey Gabi!”

Unlike its competitors, no user voice recordings are stored, leaving Zero Digital Footprint.

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Our Solutions

In an effort to eliminate the challenges faced by users needing to constantly navigate to their MFP of choice, Gabi Solutions created a fully operational mobile solution flawlessly executing all commands your MFP has to offer in Gabi Go for your Apple iOS and Android smartphone device with up to 13 different languages readily available a your fingertip.

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Gabi Voice is our touchless, voice-to-command solution allowing your workforce to activate every corner of the MFP from Machine Status to Secure Print in seconds all while keeping your data secure at all times in a cloud-based, blockchain technology.

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Similar to Gabi Voice, Gabi Gov is our touchless, voice-to-command solution allowing your workforce to activate every corner of the MFP from Machine Status to Secure Print in seconds all while keeping your data secure at all times through an on-premise server versus its sister product’s cloud based platform in Voice.

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About Us

Global Artificial Business Intelligence Solutions, Inc. (Gabi) provides a patented, touchless IoT and Information Control Platform that allows workers with and without disabilities to interact with office equipment in a safe, germ-free matter using a voice to command functionalities and mobile standards.

Gabi provides safety, security and accessibility to avoid harming your office environment and employee health. Our customizable platform can be both on-premise or cloud based leveraging state of the art AI and making it cybersecure by design. We embrace the challenge in making both your workforce and its data safe and secure through all outside threats while enhancing the users’ experience on a daily basis.

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About re IMAGINE it

re IMAGINE it solutions is a technology reseller on a mission to bridge the workplace generation gap. Physical to digital, touch to touchless, on-premise to mobile, local to remote. re IMAGINE it believes in evolution vs revolution by integrating new and mature technologies together. re IMAGINE it has a core belief that real transformation happens quietly once technology becomes ubiquitous. re IMAGINE it solutions breathe new life into existing capabilities and are easy to use and quick to adopt by all workers, regardless of physical or technical ability.

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